City League Variety Pack

From: $17.00 / month

Don’t have a roasting preference or just looking to try the full spectrum of City League coffee we offer? Trust us to send you a rotating variety of different roasts, each with its own unique flavor profile.


Additional Info

Part of experiencing great coffee is exploring new beans, and with a City League subscription, we want to provide the opportunity to do just that! By simply selecting your particular roast preference (e.g., light, medium, dark, or variety) and grind, our team will send you a curated rotation of rotating, seasonal roasts as frequently as you’d like. Our subscribers are even the first to try new coffees before we sell them anywhere else.

And our coffee subscription doesn’t stop with just the coffee! Once per month, we will feature a local small business with products in your delivery box for you to try. Previous months have included single-origin honey, natural coconut-waxed candles, vintage repurposed baseball gloves turned wallets, and more. By signing up, you are not only supporting us but another small business based out of New York as well!