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Our Coffee

We offer you a variety of coffee experiences, whether black or mixed with cream and sugar, our baristas will serve you the perfect cup! When we were deciding on what coffee we would want to serve our local Bay Ridge community, we knew it had to come from a place where farmers and producers are valued, well treated, fairly compensated, and produce exceptional coffee. We proudly roast and brew our own, extremely high-quality and ethically sourced coffee. From the bean origin, roast, and brew, all aspects of the coffee in your cup were poured over with your enjoyment in mind.

Our coffee consists of rare and exotic lots to everyday classics, all over the world from Central and South America to Africa. We've established long term relationships with the importers and farmers where our coffee is sourced and ensure the same mission that we have for our community here, is being matched at the origin of our coffee as well.

Poring Coffee into a City League Mug

Current Offerings

Our Bodega Blackout roast is our year-round staple roast and what we use for espresso. A nod to the neighborhood bodegas that fill Bay Ridge and Sunset Park. It’s a medium dark roast that’s bold tasting and reminds us of dark chocolate and nougat. Basically, a candy bar! Smooth and sweet, with no roasty, bitter, or burnt aftertaste. We source this bean seasonally from Honduras and our current one is from the Comayagua region.

Our current coffee served on drip is a rotating mix between the Los Chelazos El Salvador and the Mexico Trio. Both are medium roasts that shine on their own and also hold up well to a splash of milk or cream. The Los Chelazos has notes of tangerine and berries with a sweet vanilla and smooth finish and is the type that you can drink all day at any time of the day. The Mexico Trio is an interesting coffee that consists of a washed, honey and a naturally processed coffee all from the same farm! Expect notes of red grapes and plum, maple syrup and honey. In addition to the daily drip, we also offer a rotating list of special offerings on pour over.

Our Baristas

At City League, we take great pride in serving the highest quality coffee. All of our baristas are passionate coffee lovers and all are local to the neighborhood that grew up here or live right around the corner. They go through extensive training to learn how to brew each type of coffee to perfection. We want to provide you the best cup of coffee consistently every time you visit us. Our baristas learn about the different beans and brewing methods to better serve you the exact drink you'd like. We've built up a loyal following of regular visitors who appreciate our commitment to quality!
City League Barista Preparing Beverage

Our Mission

We view our space as a community hub. A location for artists, activists, creators, and innovators. Our shop is utilized for the following: