Bodega Blackout

From: $17.00 / month

A darker roast with notes of dark chocolate and nougat…basically, a candy bar. Bold with a wonderful aftertaste.


Additional Info

If you have lived in New York City at any point, you will quickly realize how important your local Bodega is. They’re an access point to everyday necessities. Whatever you need, it can be found there. And if it’s not, they can refer you to who and whatever you need. Another staple item found at every bodega is the coffee. Unpretentious, no frills, 500 degrees too hot, and instantly wakes you up and prepares you for the hustle ahead. We wanted to offer you a spin on that. With notes of rich chocolate, nougat, and a bold rich taste to get you through the day ahead and keep you going!

Comayagua, Honduras

Multiple Small-Holder Farmers

Mixed Variety