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Our Story

City League began in a Sunset Park garage in 2018. Dane, the owner, and his family dreamed and planned for years before dedicating themselves to serving their community with the best coffee they could roast. Today, City League is the go-to roaster in Brooklyn, known for its amazing coffee and community support. And things only got better when Dane met Justin, owner of Blend Coffee + Co-Work in Bay Ridge.

In 2022, City League and Blend Coffee + Co-Work joined forces. Justin already sold City League’s coffee at Blend’s storefront, and when Dane met up with him, they both came to the realization that they shared a vision for a community hub offering top-notch coffee, gatherings, and resources. The result is a coffee shop and community spot that reflects the neighborhood and community they call home.

City League Barista Serving Customers
Bay Ridge Avenue Subway Station

Community & Culture

Without you, there is no City League. We want to honor that by giving you the best product we can while making sure each person we engage with knows they are important, and welcomed. We believe true relationships and life change happens in the context of community, and we want everyone included and accepted as a true community should.

For this reason, we invest a growing percentage of our profits directly into the people of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. These vibrant, diverse neighborhoods have truly shaped our lives, and we’re committed to making a positive impact here and beyond. In both Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, you can take a six-block walk and feel like you’ve visited several different countries. They’re special neighborhoods, and we’re grateful to be a part of them. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

The Founders

Justin Mattera

Justin Mattera

Dane Demchak

Dane Demchak

Dane Demchak

My coffee obsession began with a giant cup loaded with flavored creamer and a tiny touch of coffee poured in. I know, I know—coffee snobs are cringing already. But, fast forward through years of caffeinating myself enough to stay awake during college finals to my brother-in-law buying me a bag of specialty coffee from a roaster named George Howell. I immediately realized this was different; I never knew coffee could taste so incredibly good without anything added to it. After this moment, I quickly immersed myself in everything coffee related—from how it is grown, harvested, and imported to the science of it being roasted and brewed.

As years passed, working in various capacities in the coffee industry, my family and I always kept the dream of starting our own company tucked away in the back of our minds. We dreamed, planned, prepped, saved, and planned some more. There is no adequate language to express how excited we are that you are here reading this and that our coffee is out into the wild finding you.

Justin Mattera

I was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. For me, Brooklyn has always been home, and for the entirety of my adult life, I’ve been trying to carve out spaces and avenues for New Yorkers (new and old) to thrive and to see our city flourish. This passion led me to start businesses, plant a church, and eventually launch Blend: Coffee + Cowork with my friends in the hopes of creating a space for people to find community, drink the best coffee in Brooklyn, and realize that they were ultimately created for good works.

Owning Blend: Coffee + Cowork has been the adventure of a lifetime. We saw it quickly become a bedrock of community in south Brooklyn and a creative hub for people to work and gather in. During the pandemic, Blend also gave us a platform to serve those who were serving us on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. In this next chapter, there are great things in store as we merge and partner with City League. I’m excited to be part of the City League team and vision because their vision of serving and cultivating relationships among New Yorkers is so similar to many of the guideposts that have directed me in life. I believe great things are in store for NYC, and at City League, we are playing a part in that!