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Roasting rare and exotic coffees to everyday classics.

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Purple Honey Yellow Bourbon

The process (Purple Honey) and the coffee variety (Yellow Bourbon) immediately made my NBA-obsessed mind think of the Lakers. And despite Kobe and Shaq’s legacy, Nick Van Exel is always the first person that comes to mind when thinking of the Lake show. This coffee also reminds me of his game. Dazzling, sparkling, flashy, innovative.
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City League x Nathan Walker Collab Crewneck

A City League x Nathan Walker collabo! After an immediate connection and a respect for each other’s brands, I threw out a bunch of jumbled ideas of what I would love to see in this collaboration and Nathan was able to bring it to life almost instantly. Residing in Austin, Texas, his style of exaggerated characters and unique color combos have garnered him collabs with Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, the NBA..And City League of course!
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